What is a Digital Champions programme?

It’s hard to generalise as the beauty of the programme is that it’s so adaptable and flexible. But in general:

  • We train people in your organisation to become Digital Champions. 
  • They get the confidence, skills and resources they need to teach digital skills.
  • The Champions then help other people learn digital skills, so they can thrive in a digital world.

We don’t train your end learners. We train your Champions. And they go on to train hundreds of people.

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Who are Digital Champions and who do they help?
  • The Champions could be staff or volunteers. They might already be in your organisation or recruited specifically.
  • The people they help might be customers, colleagues, service users or beneficiaries of your charity. Some of our courses encourage people to help friends and family.
  • Champions don’t need to be technical wizards. They need to have okay digital skills – but it’s more important that they’re good listeners and patient teachers.
Why do our programmes work?

We have more than 25 years experience designing and running Champions models and we've worked with hundred of clients. Whether you're running a programme across a borough, a business or in a small community group, we will make it work! We provide:

  • A ready-to-go, structured programme. You can tailor and adapt it, for example you can decide which courses you want for your Champions, but the framework you need is all there.
  • Award-winning Learning: our courses are CPD certified and 98% of our Champions would recommend them
  • Planning Support & Monitoring Tools: we provide wrap-round support to help you set up and run the programmes and tools to measure progress and impact. 
What will a Digital Champions programme do for you?
Is everyone who completes the training a "Digital Champion"?

We offer two main kinds of training and there are different kinds of Champion:

  • Digital Champion's Training. This is usually for people who work/ volunteer in the community, in a role that is focused on helping others. They train on the Digital Champions Network, and will be part of a project/ organisation that has digital skills training as one of its goals.
  • Inspire Training. This is usually part of a CSR initiative run by a company for its employees, helping them understand the importance of digital inclusion and encouraging them to take steps to help others. It’s not part of their formal role and they usually pledge to help people they know already, like friends and family.

Sometimes, people who've completed Inspire are called "Champions", other times they're called something different like "Digital Friends" or "Volunteers". Many of our bigger clients use a mixture of Champion and Volunteer training and we can help you decide which Network is right for your organisation.

You can also find out about the Digital Champions Network in detail and Inspire in detail

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