The Connected Housing Initiative (CHI) was established in 2014 by representatives of social housing providers and supporters with a focus on improving affordable ways for social housing tenants to get online and access computers and other devices.

The CHI closed in March 2017 following the growth in the consumer market of affordable options for digital access and successes in engaging with digital inclusion leaders in the public and commercial sectors.

The work of the CHI included providing information about digital access offers. A listing of these is still available. 

The steering group membership of the CHI between 2014 to 2017 included many housing providers and supporters, see here. Activities and outputs from the CHI included:

The CHI also engaged with the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London’s office to inform and support their focus on addressing digital inclusion challenges. The CHI’s recommendations included:

  1. Reducing mobile data charges for accessing key public services online
  2. Connecting private sector donors of equipment with local digital inclusion support providers
  3. Promoting affordable internet access and equipment alongside public services
  4. Working with connectivity and infrastructure partners to extend public internet access