Embracing digital can help your local authority to streamline the delivery of its services and save money. As you move to modernise the way you do business it’s crucial to ensure no one in your community is left behind.


We are already working with county councils to deliver widespread digital engagement through our Digital Champion model. We understand your desire to achieve digital transformation and can help you build skills capacity amongst the people you work with and for.

How we support local authorities

The most common reasons residents are not online are lack of knowledge and lack of confidence. They need and want regular, personal one-to-one support. Our Digital Champions Network turns staff, volunteers and local residents into effective Digital Champions who can go on to deliver meaningful digital engagement. Through its training, resources and support the Network is helping local councils create their own Digital Champion armies.

Great news! Thanks to a significant Lottery grant, we are delighted to be able to offer local councils significantly discounted membership of the Digital Champions Network, for a limited time only. Read more here