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matty's picture

By matty on 19th November 2016


I currently have a Galaxy tab 2

I am thinking of buying a more up to date one

but have forgotton how to link it to my PC

please help thank you


Auld Jock's picture

By Auld Jock on 29th February 2016

Is it porrible to, wirelessly, start my Epson Printer at the same moment I start my computer ?

God Bless

Auld Jock

laurajay's picture

By laurajay on 15th February 2016

i red flagged the pictures i want to copy in a new file. i dont know how to do that or put them on a flash drive. looking for tutorial, need help. signed, frustrated.

kirstievalentine's picture

By kirstievalentine on 25th January 2016

I've signed up for google plus but down the left hand side where the options are it doesnt give me the option of creating a hangout. has anybody else had problems setting this up?


broncopam's picture

By broncopam on 24th January 2016

I was editing a document and the text size zoomed in by about 200 per cent. How do I return it to normal?

Keggie's picture

By Keggie on 22nd January 2016

How do I set up a group contacts in windows live mail 2012

Catherine's picture

By Catherine on 5th January 2016

When you are listing an item to sell on eBay, can you also list it on other websites (eg Vestiaire Collective) and then just delete it once it has sold?  Would you still owe any fees to the site that carried it but didn't sell the item.   Thank you for your response.  

larrypate's picture

By larrypate on 1st January 2016

connected my computer to a tv using HDMI cable.  Only can see desktop picture of computer on tv.  How can I see everything on computer on tv?  Thanks for your help.

Bren's picture

By Bren on 21st December 2015

My ? re: how to email a document was answered, thanks.  Next ? : what if it is not already in a file on the computer?  How to get it from my hand to computer in 1st place?