Online courses

“What this course did was make me use some features I had previously avoided (Twitter and Facebook) and give me the confidence to pass it on to others.”

  • 9 out of 10 people who have completed Digital Unite’s online courses would recommend them.
  • 8 out of 10 people say their course gave them new ideas and techniques for helping internet beginners.

Our range of online self-study courses are for people who want to help others use computers, the internet and other technology.

They help potential Digital Champions to improve their own digital skills and develop essential teaching and engagement techniques.

Constantly evolving so they’re right up to date, the courses cover a wide range of subjects in a detailed and structured way. Topics include:

  • creating the right learning environment for beginners,
  • using the right software with learners,
  • internet security,
  • helping others to shop and bank online, and;
  • searching and applying for jobs on the internet.

All of the Digital Champion courses are linked to Mozilla Open Badges, the new way of recognising, evidencing and rewarding professional development.

Digital Champion Essentials

Woman helping another womanOur Digital Champion Essentials course is the perfect way to develop essential skills and knowledge to fully support others with taking their first steps on the internet.

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The Digital Champion Toolkit

The Digital Champion Toolkit develops the learning gained from the Digital Champion Essentials and supports people with teaching learners about using the internet to manage money, find jobs and use Government services.

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