If your iPhone screen gets cracked or broken, chances are the phone will still work. However, it might be difficult to see what is going on! There are different options for getting the screen repaired and also the warranties and aftercare available, which you may have taken out at the time of purchase. Also to limit the chances of your iPhone getting damaged, it is worth investing in a sturdy case to protect it.

1. Check your home insurance

Most home insurance policies will include accidental damage to devices/computers etc away from home up to the value of £1000. However, it may incur an extra cost on your policy. It is worth checking with your insurance company what type of policy you have and whether your iphone is included.

2. Visit the Apple store

Contact your nearest apple store or call the main Apple store number 0800 048 0408 or go to the website (link opens in a new window). They may replace the phone if it is under warranty and/or it is more cost effective to replace than repair. They may also repair the screen, which may also incur a charge depending upon warranty. 

3. Take it back to where you bought it from

This may also incur a charge and it is worth trying this as well as the Apple store to get different quotes.

4. Contact a third party repairer 

There is a vast array of third party repairers who will repair/replace the screen for a fee. You may have to send it to them, which can also incur recorded delivery costs or courier costs.

5. Repair it yourself

eBay have a number of screen replacement kits costing under £20 and they come with instructions and the tools you need. It’s important to get the right one however, and check that it includes the thin plastic screen surround as the old one will almost certainly break apart when you remove it. The single ribbon cable connection press fits onto the circuit board. Reseating the screen in the case can be difficult and it’s a tight fit – don’t press too hard or you could have another cracked screen.