How to set up your event on the day

The big day has finally arrived. Now’s the time to do the final checks and make sure everything and everyone is in place before the doors are officially open.

You’ll need:

  • Plenty of time to carry out the final checks, making sure everything is in place and all team members are full briefed.
  • Print out this checklist beforehand so that you have a quick overview of what you'll need

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your event on the day:

Step 1: Arrive early
 Plan to arrive earlier than you think you need to! Make sure whoever has the keys knows what time you're arriving. 

Step 2: Final safety checks
 Carry out some final checks such as health and safety and access, are the fire exits and disabled access clear, have all the possible obstructions or trip hazards been removed?

Step 3: Tutors
 Allocate some time to ensure that all the tutors you were expecting are present and correct, that they have got their notes and badges, and that they know when they can take a break.

Step 4: Signposting  
Are all the signs in place and pointing in the right direction and the toilets signposted and ready for use?

Step 5: Computers
 Are the computers switched on, numbered and ready to go? Are the sign-up sheets in place and are they numbered to match the computers?

Step 6: Handouts
 Are the handouts all prepared and laid out where people can see them? Does the team know what information is being made available?

Step 7: Refreshments  
If you are offering refreshments, is the kettle full, cups and saucers laid out with plenty of milk?

Step 8: Doors open
 Be ready, bright and breezy with your welcome, and lead people to a chair.

You're offering a taste of what people can do with the internet, not lessons. Think in terms of 50-60 minute slots per person or couple. Some people will just want to chat and hover so don’t push them but just include them.

If a queue forms, write their names down on the sign-up sheets. Explain how long they may need to wait. Find them a seat and a cup of tea if you are doing refreshments. Encourage people to sit down in pairs as they often have more fun learning together.

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