If you are finding it hard to stay on top of the emails that are building up in your inbox, there are some features in Outlook that can help you stay organised and never forget to action an email again!


Here are some top tips for Outlook 2016, 2019 and Office 365 :


1. Delete emails as soon as you have read and dealt with them.Your inbox should only really contain emails that still need actioning.

Delete button


2. Create email folders for emails you would like to keep for future reference, and move emails that have been dealt with to these folders.


3. Flag emails for follow up. Clicking on the flag symbol on the right hand side of the email message will flag it for action.

Outlook flag

The flagged emails will be added to your task list. You can view this by selecting View> To-do Bar> Tasks

Outlook task list

Once you have actioned the email mark, it as complete and delete, or move to another folder.


4. Set yourself a calendar reminder for a particular email. This will send you a reminder on the specified date and time. From the Home bar select Tags> Follow up> Add reminder.


You may also find this step-by-step and video from Microsoft useful.


Last updated 7th June 2019