Our Digital Champions Network turns people into Digital Champions by building their digital skills and confidence. Through its structured training and support it empowers and inspires staff and volunteers to pass on their online skills to help others.

Digital Champions Network collage

Its unique flexibility means the Network can cater for your organisation in a very bespoke way through branding, messages, resources and data capture

As seen with the current Lottery funded One Digital partnership the Network can also provide a core foundation for sustainable and collaborative digital skills programmes. 

Inside the Digital Champions Network: key features

1. Equipping your Digital Champions to help learners with different needs

An extensive range of expert and accredited online courses and hundreds of teaching tools and resources enable your Digital Champions to help a wide range of learners.

2. Supporting personal development and encouraging learning

Course completion in the Network is rewarded with downloadable certificates and Open Badges, the national approach to evidencing training and development. Find out more...

3. Flexible training to work around busy lives

Bookmarking favourite resources, downloadable course notes and the ability to start and stop the training at any time are just some of the flexible training tools the Network offers.

4. Peer support for greater engagement and sustainability

The Network’s UK-wide Digital Champion community and mentor guidance means your Digital Champions benefit from critical peer support.

5. Helping you easily understand and report on project progress

With its project management dashboard the Network enables you to view overall Digital Champion activity at a glance and download the latest reports.

6. Tools to maximise project success

The Network’s members’ toolkit provides practical ideas and resources for promoting your programme and recruiting Digital Champions.

7. A vital cornerstone for embedding a successful Digital Champion model

With new and updated content added regularly and new members joining all the time, the Network helps to stimulate and maintain your project activity