“What we’ve realised through our work with Digital Unite, is that a small act of sharing the skills and knowledge we take for granted every day can make a huge difference to someone.”

-Sally Caughey, UK Head of Digital Inclusion at Capgemini


Digital inclusion and corporate social responsibility are now intrinsically linked. Being online is more vital than ever, but staggeringly, around 1 in 5 adults (11.9m)* don’t have good enough digital skills for everyday life. Whilst many of us take for granted the benefits of digital technology, many others are being left behind.

In the face of a global pandemic, now is the time to make a real difference to digital exclusion.

*Source: Lloyds Consumer Digital Index 2020 / ONS 52.4 million adults in the UK.

So what can your organisation do?


Simple, you can mobilise your workforce to get their communities online. Support them to help their neighbourhoods stay connected and stay informed. Inspire your teams so they can inspire others.

If you’re looking for a new and relevant way your organisation can make a difference to society you’re in the right place.

“It has increased my sense of wellbeing by being able to use my knowledge to help others.”Group picture


Employee engagement at its best


Inspire is our e-learning programme that turns your staff into enthused digital inclusion activists.  It captures their imagination of how they can contribute to society.

Created in partnership with Capgemini, it’s a micro-site with purpose-built tools and a ready-made framework designed for workforces like yours.

Inspire offers

  • A flexible and easy to use site that can be customised for your organisation.
  • Bite-sized e-learning that helps staff understand the issues and urgency of digital inclusion and motivates them to get involved in a way that is easily achievable.
  • Built-in management tools so you can track who’s joining and who’s learning.
  • A pledging tool that shows how staff are going to help someone they know with digital skills.

What you get

  • First and first foremost, happy staff. Nothing boosts wellbeing better than the simple act of helping others.
  • A new CSR programme with a low time commitment from you.
  • An adaptable model for teams of all sizes, large and small.
  • Fast implementation - when we say ‘plug and play’ we mean it.
  • Immediate results through e-learning and online pledges.
  • Statistics and stories, the perfect combination for that business report.

Book a call

If you’d like to know more about Inspire and how your organisation can use it to make a digital difference, then get in touch with us today. Email: du@digitalunite.com or call 0800 228 9272.

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