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At Digital Unite, we all come to work because we can see that what we do has value, it touches lives and makes a positive difference. That is hugely rewarding.

This is a digital world but staggeringly there are still millions of people in the UK without good enough digital skills to benefit from it. Technology will never be ‘done’, it will always evolve. Without the skills to use it the digital and social divide gets wider and deeper.

Making people digitally confident is a long, slow burn, it’s not a thing that can just happen once and be done. Ultimately it is people who make technology work for other people especially for those lacking in confidence. That is why we firmly believe in Digital Champions and Digital Champion models. And that is why we support organisations with unlocking their own Digital Champion opportunity.

Today we are the only organisation that focuses exclusively on high quality vocational training and support for Digital Champions. Today we continue to make a difference. 

DU's head office team
Digital Unite's Head Office team

– Our story –

We have been on our digital skills adventure since 1996. Our founder Emma Weston was recognised for her long-standing contribution to digital inclusion with an OBE in the Queen’s 2012 Birthday Honours list. 

We have run national and award winning digital inclusion campaigns. We have worked with housing providers, local authorities and charities across the UK improving digital participation in their communities. Our online how-to guides are visited more than 5 million times every year.

In 2013 we launched our Digital Champions Network alongside 10 housing partners. The Network is an online training and support platform that enables organisations to leverage scale of all sorts, for all sorts of Digital Champions. Its evolution is continuous - just like technology - and it is now successfully supporting hundreds of member organisations. 

We have been honoured to work and to continue to work with partners, from across all sectors. We owe a huge thanks to the thousands of Digital Champions who have joined us on our journey. We look forward to joining you on yours. 

"The customer care, knowledge and diligence shown by Digital Unite's staff is brilliant. I would like to thank all involved who are always pleased to help or provide support. Brilliant work, many thanks."

Marc Davies, Project Manager, Digital Communities Wales