We've pulled together stories and insights based on the experiences of our clients as well as resources that will help you plan a Champions Project.

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Managing Volunteers

Volunteers are the core of many Digital Champion projects. But finding, training and retaining volunteers is a real skill. "Good volunteers are like gold dust!" one Project Manager said. We've pulled together some top tips for making the relationship work.

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Recruiting Volunteers is the first and crucial step. Here's how three of our clients, with large, long running projects, go about it.

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You've recruited, onboarded and are retaining volunteers! How do you keep it going? Advice from our longest running project. 


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How to...
From housing provider, Sutton Housing Partnership.
These free planning resources will help you get started.
What Digital Kent learnt as they set up their network.
How will Digital Kent recruit and manage 500 Digital Champions?
The one thing you must do - from Citizens Online, Kent CC & Digital Communities Wales.
How Brent Council weave digital inclusion into all front facing roles
Seven lessons from the Bexley Digital Champions Network on making it work.
About Aspire, a course designed for people with a learning disability.
How to keep a programme running for more than a decade!
Find the right partner and work together in a way that benefits everyone.
Advice from PMs on recruiting and retaining Champions
Top tips on running these super-flexible, user-friendly sessions.
Digital Champions in specific settings
How KeyRing help their members get digital.
How Southampton manage their Champion Volunteers
How Wembley staff combat digital exclusion
Helping students understand digital inclusion
Longer case studies and reports
What we learnt from a long-running project with NHS England using Digital Champions to help people manage their health.
A detailed case-study on setting up Inspire with Capgemini and the benefits the programme can bring.