Here are our prices. Everything we do is customisable. If you're not sure which option is right for you, find out more about Our Networks and how Digital Champions programmes work or get in touch and we can talk you through it. 


Prices: Digital Champions Network

Our experience shows that on average, a trained and active Champion helps 30 people a year with digital skills. Many help as many as 75 people.

Training and supporting 10 Champions, whether they are staff, residents or volunteers, means you could inspire and help more than 300 people to use digital technology. In just 12 months.

With our standard membership you could reach each of those 300 people for around £4 per person.


Licences included

Total cost year 1*

Extra small












Extra large




*All prices exclude VAT. These are public/ public sector prices. For the private sector, add 15%.

There's a 10% discount for subsequent annual renewals. As your project grows, you can buy additional licenses of 5 @ £75 each - or "move up a size". We can discuss your requirements as they arise! At renewal, you can retire any inactive Champions and free up those licenses for new Champions to keep your project active. 

You can find out more in the Digital Champions FAQs


You can also customise the project with extra management tools and tiers at any time during your membership...



One-off cost

Tailored Champion Record form

You can add additional questions on the Champion Record form. For example location of support, or type of support activities.


Tailored recommended learning

As standard you will be offered the DCE, health courses, or staff course as your recommended learning for Champions.  Further customisation enables you to have any combination of our courses on the dashboard as recommended learning.


Client document area

You can add a resource area with project documentation that is just visible to your Champions (eg volunteer handbook, policies and procedures, expenses forms).


Tiered project structure

This allows you to create up to 10 sub-projects sitting under your umbrella organisation. You can identify which project your Champions are part of and you can assign PMs to sub-projects. 


Induction program

This customisation allows you to build a bespoke induction program, with required courses or activities a Champion must complete before the learning is unlocked. This could be a course, a document that must be read/signed, or even a face-to-face activity. 




Prices: Inspire

The standard package comes with customisable branding, logos, URL and hosting; project scope & set-up, planning including workshops, weekly calls and a portfolio of planner docs for learners and Project Managers; dashboards for reporting and evaluation and timetabled project and strategic calls.

We offer extra consultancy services when you're setting up Inspire and services like bespoke content or help finding partners for your activity. You can find out more in the Inspire FAQs



Private sector

Public/charity sector

Band A- Up to 50



Band B- 51 to 150



Band C- 151 to 250



Band D- 251 to 500



Band E- 501-1000



Band F- 1000+




Annual renewals for Year 2 onwards have a 15% discount as no scope/ set-up is required.

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