Digital Inclusion in Health Care Settings

17th May 2023 by Sophie T

A few things we learned from our long-running project with NHSE using Digital Champions to help people manage their health...
Fabulous Photo Competition

11th May 2023 by Sophie T

We want to celebrate our volunteer Digital Champions! Send us a photo and win £50! 
Sales & Relationship Lead

25th April 2023 by Sophie T

We're hiring a Sales and Relationship Lead. We want someone who loves sales, gets digital inclusion and knows about the public/ third sector...   It'…
Can everyone on the Death Star use the computers?

10th April 2023 by Sophie T

Every quarter, we analyse the data from our planner. It is a snapshot of potential clients' priorities and helps us think about questions like...
Essential Digital Skills for Work

16th March 2023 by Sophie T

The new report on Essential Digital Skills for Work has just been published. Nearly 60% of us can't do the 20 basic skills.There's a massive, costly…
How to get the most from Public/ Private Partnerships

07th March 2023 by Sophie T

There are real benefits for both sides when public and private sector work together. At its most basic, the private sector brings people who want to…

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