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228 questions about digital inclusion and digital skills

21st June 2021 by Katharinet

Digital inclusion is challenging. Throw in a pandemic and it becomes even trickier. But yet, Covid-19 also presented a huge opportunity, shining a…
How one group of adults with learning disabilities made a difference to digital skills support

16th June 2021 by Katharinet

As part of Learning Disabilities Week (14 – 19 June 2021), we’re delighted to be recognising over 20 adults with learning disabilities and their…
How to teach digital skills to an older person remotely

20th May 2021 by Katharinet

Caroline Davies, Digital Champion at Age Cymru DyfedCaroline Davies, Digital Champion at Age Cymru Dyfed has been helping dozens of older people with…
Helping people with digital skills remotely? Check out our webinars and handy resources

04th May 2021 by Katharinet

Over the last year, helping people with digital skills remotely, whether that was by telephone, Zoom or email, became essential. But supporting and…
10 top tips on keeping remote digital skills support safe

15th April 2021 by Katharinet

Healthwatch Islington supports people who use health and social care services in Islington. Before the pandemic, their Digital Champions were…
Making an imPACT with digital skills support

18th February 2021 by Katharinet

Throughout December 2020, we encouraged people to support others to use digital technology to get – and stay – connected in our Connect@Xmas campaign…