We work with more local authorities than any other kind of organisation. We know the financial and social pressures they face and the crucial importance of embedding digital inclusion across their organisations.


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Why do you need Digital Champions?

  • They are a crucial part of the of the “digital inclusion triangle” of devices, data and skills needed to deliver digital inclusion.
  • We know people don’t use digital services without human help. One in four beginners give up without ongoing support. This rises when users aren't digital confident at the start. 
  • We know that programmes are most successful when they deliver support via organisations that are already supporting people, whether that’s libraries, community support groups or front line staff. 
  • Digital Champions support strategic digital inclusion plans. They can be run as stand-alone projects with specific goals, but they can also help deliver wider digital inclusion strategies.

What do we offer Local Authorities?

Our clients range from County Councils, like Kent, that have 500+ Digital Champions to smaller initiatives, like Wokingham, that have ten. The Network can be used as part of a county/ borough wide remit to increase digital skills, or have specific goal  - like helping a targeted minority group. The Digital Champions Network is ideal for local authorities because:

  • It’s scalable, adaptable and flexible. Almost every authority delivers digital inclusion in a different way, with different priorities and staffing. Our super-flexible platform allows you to tailor the training for different Champions, grow the project with more licenses and manage your Champions to suit your project.
  • We have tiered levels of project management so if you're running a cross-county project, you can have up to 10 sub-projects within it, each with it's own managers and reporting. 
  • You can evidence it works with built-in, easy-to-use reporting tools.
  • It's excellent value for money: you can help someone become digitally confident for around £4 a person.
  • It's sustainable: you can grow a network of champions that can last beyond short term funding rounds and uses existing council resources (like libraries) to deliver.
  • Champions can be staff or volunteers or both, as co-ordinating with the third sector becomes ever more vital.
  • They can help colleagues or residents or both, as workforces need help with digital skills too. 
  • Many Authorities have service users with complex needs. We have resources to help users with extra barriers to entry, like memory problems, dexterity issues, or low levels of English. 


Different Ways of Working

Inspire and the Digital Champions Network can be used in all sorts of different ways. Here are just a few models.

digital drop in at a school

In Brent

All front-facing staff are Digital Champions, with responsibilities written into their contracts. 

the kent team

In Kent

500 plus volunteer Digital Champions, linking and supporting schemes across the county. 

digital skills class

In Libraries

We work a lot with libraries, often via their local authority, and they have a vital role to play.

Our Digital Champions are an invaluable resource for the local community and are helping our residents to lead a better quality of life through the benefits of digital. In turn this engagement will help the whole borough to fulfil its digital ambitions.

Christopher Hutson
Waltham Forest

More resources

Try the Digital Champions Programme Planner

It takes 10 minutes and produces a free, tailored report on how a programme could work in your organisation.

We’ve learnt that a culture change like this takes time and having dedicated digital inclusion staff and resources like Digital Unite’s Network are vital for its success. Together, we will ensure nobody is left behind!

Mili Patel
Brent Council