The Digital Champions Network has a special learning pathway for supporting people to manage their health online, developed with NHS England, and now used by clients ranging form ICBs to GPs, disability charities to wellness groups.

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Training for managing health online

  • A curriculum for health professionals of CPD accredited courses specifically to help in health settings.
  •  Courses cover topics like supporting service users to access online services, use health apps and find information & support.
  • Champions can access all 25+ courses. Many are helpful for health related issues, like adapting sessions for those with dexterity or memory issues or helping those who don't speak English as a first language to manage their health. 

  • Tools and support for Project Managers to run the project easily and efficiently and measure progress and impact.
  • Tiered levels of project management for larger providers, with up to 10 separate sub-projects, each with its own Project Managers and reporting. 
2 people at a computer, the girl has a visual impairment and the man is helping her use the computer

Benefits for patients and learners

These are just a few things  Champions have helped people do:

  • Use the MyGp app to manage appointments.
  • Put their emergency contacts on their phone.
  • Attend online rehab sessions on Teams.
  • Help someone with dementia: to set up regular reminders on their phone.
  • Help someone with macular disease: to find accessibility solutions for life online.
  • Help someone with autism: to manage their anxiety by checking in with GP services online.
  • Apply for Blue Badges. 
  • Sign up to RNIB online libraries.
  • Join a diabetes support group.

Benefits for Organisations

Our findings are based on a two year pilot programme run with NHS England, supporting 26 different programmes across the country.

The report shows that Digital Champions are a scalable and sustainable way to grow digital capability and confidence in patients. 

And for the organisations running the programmes it can:

  • Improve digital confidence for those delivering health and social care. 96% of champions in the pilot said they increased their own digital skills and 94% said they were better able to help others.

  • Swiftly grow capacity to support people in the community, particularly in groups at risk of digital exclusion, like older people or those with complex support requirements. 

  • Reduce inappropriate demand, and realise cost and time saving efficiencies for service deliverers and patients.

  • Complement wider digital strategies, supporting broader aims and targeted to help specific needs.

More resources

Excellent report by the Kings Fund on inclusion in health care. It features two projects that use the Digital Champions Network - the Roxton Practice and the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People.

NHS Guide for digital inclusion in health and social care, for health care providers, commissioners and designers. 

The Project Report for our original NHSE project showing what the programme can achieve. 

The Digital Champions Network has helped massively with training volunteers to upskill people's digital skills and using NHS apps as well. Thank you very much!

Project Manager
Digital Health Champion programme