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Thank you for applying to be part of Let’s Get Digital Durham - we’re looking forward to making a digital difference together! 

We have a limited number of memberships available so please let us know a little bit about your organisation and what you'd like to achieve.

Then Kate, the Project Lead in Durham, will get in touch to talk about your application and see if we can help.

About you and your organisation

 For example: a charity, community interest group, etc.

Please tell us about your Digital Champion project...

Who are you planning to train as Champions?

Conflicts of interest

As this programme is funded by Capgemini, there are a few things we need to check to avoid any conflict of interest.
Is there anyone in the organisation who will be able to influence or decide in favour of the Capgemini Group?
Is Capgemini a provider of services to the organisation or in the process of offering services to the organisation or any affiliated organisation?
Are there any members of the board of the organisation who have a high-profile political role?
Are there any current or former Capgemini employees amongst the members of the board of the organisation?
Is there any other potential – even perceived – Conflict of Interest associated with the gift of these licences?
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