Today, it’s possible to interact with a range of government services online. Applying for your first driving licence is one example of something that can be sorted out much more efficiently these days on the web, compared to offline.

This guide will talk you through all the steps to apply for a driving licence online, the documents you will need, and how to update your licence details once you have completed your application 

  • What you will need for your application: 
  • An identity document such as a valid UK passport 
  • Addresses where you have lived over the last 3 years 
  • A debit card to pay for your online application 
  • Your national insurance number 

Step 1: Applying for your first driving licence 

Visit the GOV.UK DVLA section

You will see a list of vehicle and driver options. Click on Driving Licences.

Then click on Apply for your first driving licence. You will see the following page. 

GOV.UK apply for first driving licence page

Click on Start now to kick off your application.

Step 2: Registration 

You will automatically be redirected to the DVLA homepage. To start your application, click on Register.

Apply for provisional driving licence register/log in page

Once you have read the terms and conditions of the security of your data click on Next

Step 3: Filling in your application  

Here, a form is presented and you’ll need to fill out a few details.

Make sure you type in all relevant information in the boxes and click on the drop down menus to complete the application.  When you are happy and you have checked everything, click on Next.

Apply for provisional driving licence your details page

To search for your address, type in your house name, number and postcode. DVLA will also ask you how long you have lived at your current address. 

Apply for provisional driving licence search for your address page

Step 4: National Insurance and passport details

Once you have cleared this section you will need to fill in security details to confirm your identity.

When you have finished, click on Next and you will then be taken to the National Insurance section of your application. 

Providing your National Insurance number will help to process your application more quickly. If you enter your National Insurance number, DVLA will attempt to verify and authenticate your identity with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If DVLA are unable to verify your identity, it may result in you having to send them additional paper documentation, such as original identity documents, by post

Now you need to add your passport number. You’ll find it at the back of your passport (on the same page as your picture). 

Apply for a provisional driving licence passport number page

Step 5: Photo identification 

The last step to complete this part of the application is the photo and signature section.  

The DVLA now only issue photo card licences. You can either send it to DVLA through a postal application or you can choose to allow DVLA to retrieve your passport photo and signature from Her Majesty’s Passport Office. 

Choose one of those two options. 

click and option to retrieve your passport photo

Your application will require you to choose a password. This should be 8-12 characters and should contain letters and numbers. 

Step 6: Eligibility 

To apply for a new driving licence, you need to live in the UK. Confirm your UK residency status by selecting Yes or No to the questions presented. 

click the options to determine your eligibility

Next, you will be asked a few questions about your ability to drive.  This includes questions about your eyesight, as well as fitness to drive.

At the end of the section you need to complete a medical declaration. Add your personal email address to have the confirmation of your application sent to your inbox.

Step 7: Declaration and application completion

When you are happy with everything, confirm your application by clicking on the check box. You can go back to your application by clicking on Previous.

Applying for a provisional driving licence declaration page

The application will cost £34 and you will need to have your credit or debit card to hand to pay for this. Once you have submitted this payment you need to finalise and confirm your application. You should get an email shortly afterwards from DVLA, confirming this.

Should you need to go back into and review your application you can go back to the homepage and clicking Log on.

Useful links

Driving schools

There are lots of driving schools around the UK including:

GOV.UK also has lots of resources to help you learn to drive including a practice theory test.

We hope this guide has given you enough information to apply for your first diving licence online through GOV.UK. Best of luck! 

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