This Content Partnership Memo of Understanding (“the MOU”) is between:

Digital Unite Ltd of 18 Hundred Acres, Wickham Fareham Hampshire PO17 6JB UK “Digital Unite”, and the organisation that has completed the request form "the partner".

Digital Unite provides free, plain English online guides aimed at helping people use and understand digital technologies. The guides are structured into categories. The Partner has a website whose audience would benefit from access to the guides. Digital Unite and the Partner have agreed that the Partner will include links to the guides and/or categories on the website at the address provided in this form, under the following arrangements:

  1. The arrangement is intended to be mutually beneficial and is non-commercial.
  2. Each party owns their own content, designs, logo and graphics, and no intellectual property is to be transferred in either direction as a result of this MOU.
  3. Copyright of the guides is owned by Digital Unite and their use is determined by the Terms and Conditions published on
  4. Each party will respect the brand guidelines of the other with respect to usage and placement of logos on the respective websites.
  5. Digital Unite will provide a template indicating how the links to guides and/or categories can be set up on the Partner’s website.
  6. The Partner will use Digital Unite’s category graphics only in connection with the corresponding guide category on and not in any other context.
  7. The Partner will use SEO-friendly ‘follow’ links to the guides and categories, rather than ‘no-follow’ links wherever possible.
  8. Approval from the other party will be sought for language describing the partnership, where relevant.
  9. Neither party is an agent of the other.
  10. The term of this MOU starts on the date of submission of this form. Either party may terminate at any time by advising the other in writing.