The Network is based on a wide range of CPD certified online courses which improves a Champion’s own digital skills and confidence and teaches them to help all kinds of learners. 

Champions can access all courses, but when you sign-up to the Network, you can pick the most appropriate learning pathway, which prioritises the courses they do first. Most start with the Digital Essentials suite of six courses. We also have pathways for Champions prioritising helping people manage their health and one for those helping colleagues. We can also create a bespoke pathway for your organisation. 

All courses are listed below with contents and timings, or you can download the full course list as a PDF

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Flexible e-learning

The interactive, bite-sized e-learning takes from five minutes to 60 minutes. It includes practical and reflective exercises, videos and case studies. Courses can be stopped and started at any time and each comes with a certificate of achievement and a Digital Badge.

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Professional certification

Our courses are certified by The CPD Certification Service, meeting the universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development. So you know your Digital Champions are getting good quality training.

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Expert led

We’ve partnered with leading organisations to gain their expertise on helping specific groups of learners, including organisations like Age UK, for working with older people; AbilityNet on accessibility barriers, NHS England on online health.

Our full range of courses

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Digital essentials

Six courses that cover the foundation skills a Champion needs to get to grips with their role, and understand how to best support their learners, whilst making sure that everyone is safe.

Total study time: 70 minutes
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Managing health online

Three courses that cover supporting service users to access online services, use health apps and find health information online. Created with NHS England for health-based Champions.

Total study time: 40 minutes
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Accessibility needs

Six courses, covering identifying accessibility needs and helping learners with specific barriers such as memory loss, dexterity issues, hearing loss, learning and physical disabilities.

Total study time: 90 minutes
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Digital Champions in the workplace

Two courses, one shows how to support colleagues with digital skills and recruit fellow champions. The other, created with Unison, focuses on how to help others with their digital payslips.

Total study time: 80 minutes
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Helping others remotely

A popular course, covering a crucial post-pandemic skill of teaching someone digital skills remotely. It covers the right teaching techniques, running a session safely and troubleshooting problems via the telephone, email or video calls.

Total study time: 15 minutes
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Supporting older people

Two courses, that cover the essentials of supporting older people and suggests fun and interesting ways to get older people to use digital technology.


Total study time: 50 minutes
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Learners with limited English


Two courses, the first focuses on helping someone who's first language isn't English to develop their digital skills. The second looks at helping someone to access health services online.

Total study time: 30 minutes
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Promoting digital skills as part of your role

A course for staff in customer-facing roles. Created in partnership with the London Borough of Waltham Forest, it helps them understand how to engage people with digital participation in a light touch way.

Total study time: 30 minutes
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Helping someone with a learning disability look for work

This stand alone course is for Champions helping someone with a learning disability to develop their digital skills so they can look for work or volunteering opportunities. 

Total study time: 20 minutes
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Supporting customers using the Dart Charge service

This course covers how to help customers, who may struggle to use the internet, to use Dart Charge to pay for their Dartford Crossing online. Created with a consortium of partners.

Total study time: 12 minutes
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Running a Digital Champions programme

Specifically for Project Managers, this course shows them how to to get a Digital Champion project up and running, building partnerships and momentum for long-lasting impact. 

Total study time: 20 minutes
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