“I’m now an avid emailer.  Thankfully, it’s much easier than I thought it would be and I love the fact that I can send and receive messages at the touch of a button.  It makes staying in touch incredibly easy.”

Envelope and @ signThe very first email or "electronic mail" was sent in 1971, by a computer programmer in Massachusetts. It has revolutionised the way that we communicate with each other.  Never has it been so easy or instant to send a message across the world.  Our straightforward guides will take you from getting your own email account right through to emailing photos and birthday cards to friends and family – wherever they might be.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

This email and calendar software is very useful, and forms part of the Microsoft Office bundle.

What is email?

Back to basics: what an email is anyway…

Email safety tips

Simple steps to keeping your personal information safe, avoiding scams and spam when using email.

How to get an email account

Here are the options and an overview of the process involved.

How to create a Gmail account

The step-by-step guide to getting this free Google email account.

How to open an email

A guide to opening and reading the contents of an email message.

How to delete an email

A quick guide to deleting unwanted messages from your email inbox.

How to send an email

A simple step-by-step guide to help you create and send an email.

How to send an email to multiple people

A step-by-step guide to sending one email to several different email addresses at once.

How to open an attachment

How to open a file that has been sent via email.

How to email a document

A simple guide to attaching and sending a document from your computer via email.

How to email a picture

Simple instructions for emailing a photo or picture.

How to send an ecard

A guide to sending greetings cards and messages through email.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to secure sensitive information, such as personal identity and credit card details, while masquerading as a legiti

What is a chat room?

An explanation of this popular, digital way of meeting people online.

What is instant messaging?

An easy-to-read explanation of this very popular form of e-communication.

What is spam?

An explanation of this much-used term.

How to change your Gmail password

It's wise to change your Gmail password regularly and luckily, it's very easy to do!

How to set up a Google Alert

If you want to stay up-to-date with a topic, a great way is to set up a Google Alert so that you get sent an email with the latest webpages and new

Send and receive money from friends and family using Gmail

These days, there are lots of quick ways you can make and receive payments from friends and family, online.

How to use chat in Gmail to talk with friends and family

Besides sending and receiving email, Gmail users have access to a range of additional features that can be quite useful.

How to use the Gmail mobile app

Gmail is one of the most popular online email providers.