There are several options for accessing an Outlook email account on a mobile device, you can either add it to the existing mail app on your device, or download a specific Outlook app. Links to instructions on doing this for both Android and iPhone devices are listed below.


If your Microsoft Outlook account is a work account you may need to get server details from your IT department before starting this process.


For Outlook 2016, 2019 and Office 365.


1. How to add an Outlook account to an existing email app on your phone

- For Android devices read Microsoft's guide to adding Outlook to your mail app here.

- For iPhones/iOS devices read Microsoft's guide to adding Outlook account to your iOS mail app  here.

Outlook app


2. How to download and install the Outlook app for Android

Read the Microsoft guide to the Android Outlook app



3. How to download Outlook app for iPhone (iOS)

Read the Microsoft guide to installing the Outlook iOS app.


Last updated 12th June 2019.