Padlock image 'I’ve put the right locks on the right doors, so to speak, and now feel confident to use the internet without too much fear of a break-in.'

Just like the real world, the virtual world of the web has a huge and varied population and, inevitably, a number of bad guys reside there. Just as you know to lock your home on leaving it or to keep your bag close to you in a crowd, there are also some simple rules for staying safe online.

Here you will find guides written by, or carefully selected by Digital Unite. Each of our own guides can be printed out for your own reference, or shared with any other people that you are helping.

Online safety and privacy basics

Guides to making sure that that your personal information stays private.

Protecting your data and devices

Guides covering how to keep your device clean, healthy and virus-free. Including anti-virus, malware and firewalls.

Internet safety for children and young people

Guides to ensuring that kids stay safe and have fun online.

Data protection and GDPR

Guides looking at data protection laws and ways that you can protect the integrity of the data you hold.