PowerPoint can be used to create an electronic presentation in a series of slides or pages. Slides can contain text, graphics, animations, charts and videos, and can be used to present information to an audience. It is most often used to create business presentations.

Find out more about the software that helps you to create fun or fact-filled presentations.

Learn how to create powerful and attractive slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to print a PowerPoint presentation

This step-by-step guides works through the options for printing a PowerPoint presentation.

Adding a picture to a PowerPoint slide

A step-by-step guide covering how to add your own or an online picture to a slide.

Adding animated text and objects in Powerpoint

Learn how to add animations to your PowerPoint slides to add excitement to your presentations.

Adding a video to a PowerPoint slide

Step-by-step guide to inserting and playing a video file in a PowerPoint slide.

Improving the design of PowerPoint slides

This guide from Microsoft details the features of PowerPoint Designer for Office 365.

Rehearsing and recording a PowerPoint presentation

A text guide with video, taking you through rehearsing a PowerPoint presentation as well as how to record it.