Word logo Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program – and justifiably.  It is easy to use and allows you to create all different types of documents. Here you will find guides written by, or carefully selected by Digital Unite. Each of our own guides can be printed out for your own reference, or shared with any other people that you are helping.

“I was a complete novice but have now built up my skills to such an extent that I can create really sophisticated documents.  It’s surprisingly easy.”

Guides to get you started using Word. Including how to start, save, open, move around, find and replace text, print, copy and paste. 

Guides covering adding text styles, font types, formatting and lists to a Microsoft Word document.

Guides covering language settings and the accessibility features found in Microsoft Word.

Guides to help you get further in using Word including: using templates, saving as a pdf, creating greeting cards and labels.

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