Video calling applications such as Zoom provide a great way to help people remotely with their digital skills from the comfort of their own homes!

To really excite people to learn you may sometimes need to introduce some fun into your sessions. Luckily Zoom has some built in features that can be used to add some sizzle, such as polls, virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, whiteboard and icons. This Tips and Tricks for Teachers Educating on Zoom guide includes links to all these features and more!

Happy video call

Nine fun activities

Many of the activities we can do when we meet with people face-to-face are still possible on Zoom with a bit of imagination!

In one-to-one sessions:
  • Find out about your learner’s hobbies or talk about their memories. Share your screen to show them some exciting websites or videos related to these.
  • Experiment with changing backgrounds so you are both in the same location!
  • Have fun with the beauty filter.
  • Mute both of your microphones and communicate via the chat or the non-verbal feedback signs.
  • Share your screen and play a game of online Hangman.
For groups:
  • Use the whiteboard to play Pictionary.
  • Create a Kahoot quiz and play it live!
  • Other possibilities include games of charades and bingo. These can be played by sharing your screens or even using old fashioned pen and paper!
  • Run a quick quiz using the poll function.


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