The iPad is a tablet computer first offered by Apple in 2010. Although a few rival models were previously available, the iPad is largely credited with creating the current market for tablets. The original iPad sold 3.27 million units in its first quarter and was deemed a success. By June 2019, Apple had sold more than 360 million iPads since the original debuted in 2010.

The iPad comes in four models and sizes with apps capable of handling many of our routine tasks. These include a web browser, a mail client, a calendar, an alarm clock, a maps package, a notepad, a video conferencing app, and a contacts list. It also includes tablet-specific apps, such as a camera, a photo app, a video library, and an app for playing music. 


Current models are:


Display diagonal


iPad Mini (2019)

7.9 inch

64 GB / 256 GB

iPad 10.2 (2019)

10.2 inch

32GB / 128 GB

iPad Air (2019)

10.5 inch

64 GB / 256 GB

IPad Pro (2020)

11 inch

12.9 inch

64GB / 256GB

512GB / 1TB


Key features and benefits of the Apple iPad

  • The iPad uses the same operating system as the Apple iPhone, and uses very similar hardware. It is, however, much more powerful and capable than the smaller device.
  • The iPad is perfect for browsing the web while lounging around, particularly because it comes with a wifi connection as standard. You can also buy, for a bit extra, a 4G version, which allows you to connect to the internet wherever you are.
  • The iPad can access the Apple 'App Store', where you can purchase and download any of over one million applications, with over 700,000 made specifically for the iPad and more than 400,000 designed specifically for the iPad’s larger screen
  • As well as the regular apps, Apple has also made iPad versions of its iWork, iMovie and GarageBand programs. Though they're pared down from what's available in the Mac computer versions, they're still very capable, and the iPad's touchscreen interface makes them easy to use.
  • The iPad does many things well and it's cheaper than a Mac computer. However, it really isn't a replacement for the latter (or, for that matter, for a PC) if you need to do a lot of writing.

For good advice on which iPad to buy, go to:


Last updated 10th June 2020


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