Social networking allows us to manage and communicate Social networking iconwith our contacts in a totally new way and also to access information as never before. We’ll show you how to get involved and stay safe on social media.


What is social networking?

The term is used frequently, but what do we actually mean by ‘social networking’?

How do I.... Use social media (Beginners guide)

A beginners guide to using and staying safe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from Age UK

Staying safe on social media

Practical advice from Stay Safe Online on staying safe on the main social media sites 

Facebook and Instagram

Our guides on how to add yourself to over a billion users of Facebook worldwide.


How to express yourself through this most famous of micro-blogging networks.


From finding great blogs to writing your own...


Find out how to get going with LinkedIn, the mind-bogglingly popular social network for your work life...

How to join a local social network (Nextdoor)

The internet can connect us globally, but it can also help you explore your own neighbourhood. This guide shows you how to join a local social…

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