Essential advice on how to find what you need, and to have fun while you're about it...

What is Google?

A clear definition and the key features of this most famous of search engines.

What is Google Chrome?

A definition and key benefits of Google’s own web browser.

What is a web browser?

A definition and some key features and benefits.

How to use Google Maps

Find destinations, get travel directions and even satellite views.

How to get the news on the internet

Find out where you can access breaking news online at any time.

How to search the internet

A brief introduction to the main search engines.

How to use Google

Search techniques to let you find the information you want as quickly as possible.

How to set a home page

Choosing the first web page you’ll see when you open your browser.

How to enlarge a web page

Find out how to increase the size of text and images on a web page.

How to view internet history

Keeping track of what you or others have been looking at on your computer.

How to delete internet history

How to ensure that others don’t see what you’ve been viewing.

What is a home page?

A simple definition of this much-used term.

What is downloading?

Quick definition of what this much-used term actually means.

What is FAQ?

A definition of this term in the context of the world wide web.

What is HTML?

An explanation of what ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’ actually is.

What is a hyperlink?

Hyperlinks are a useful way of navigating a website. Here's an explanation.

What is Java?

Find out about this popular programming language.

What is a pop-up?

An every day part of using the internet - here's a quick guide to pop-ups.

What is a search engine?

Get an understanding of this key component of using the internet.

What is streaming?

Clear explanation of how content is displayed via the internet.

What is a URL?

We all hear this term a lot. Here's an explanation of what it actually is.

What is a web page?

It's important to understand what a web page actually is. This guide explains all.

What is a website?

Back to basics: an easy-to-understand definition.

What is CAPTCHA?

How the internet tests that your human and not a robot... A clear explanation.

What is a site?

Ensure that you get what a 'site' actually is with this helpful guide.

How to find what you want on the internet

A guide on how to really use Google.

Ten top tips for using the internet

Essential tips for getting the best out of the wonderful world of the web.

Best ... websites for internet beginners

For those just starting out on the web, these sites can offer a gentle entry into the online world and all it offers.

Microsoft Edge: get to grips with more advanced features

A look at some of the more advanced features of Microsoft's new web browser