We are an award-winning social enterprise. We've worked with hundreds of organisations supporting thousands of people to achieve digital inclusion and enable change.

When Emma Weston set up the company in the 1990s, the internet was only available on dial-up and "digital exclusion" was a niche problem thought only to affect the elderly who hadn't grown up with technology. Over the decades, we've seen it become more crucial and complex, as our society increasingly becomes "digital first" and more people are at risk of being left behind by this transformation. 

Working to end the digital divide

 We bring:

  • Experience: we've spent more than 25 years in digital inclusion. From big picture theories to small, practical solutions, we know this area through and through.
  • Expertise: we've spent decades honing and refining what makes Digital Champions programmes succeed. We know our products deliver, how to tailor them to fit your needs and how to support you to make your project happen.
  • Innovation: we're always looking at how to build on what we do, from the sectors we work with, to the way we deliver. If your project doesn't fit our current models, get in touch and we'll see if we can work together to create something that does. 
  • Commitment: we want your project to succeed, and we'll do whatever we can to make that happen, in a friendly and collaborative way. 


Emma Weston

I believe everyone who is digitally included has a responsibility to champion it for those that aren’t. That can be giving time or thought to their digital needs, sharing knowledge and skills, building their confidence and curiosity. And I believe that all organisations across all sectors have a role to play in encouraging, supporting and sustaining these champion behaviours.

Emma Weston, OBE
CEO, Digital Unite
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Who we are

...and who can help with your digital inclusion query.

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Who we work with

Our clients range from local charities to global consultants.

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How it works

We turn staff and volunteers into confident Digital Champions.