Inspire is a quick, easy and interactive learning course that raises awareness of the issues around digital exclusion and motivates people to do something about it. It embeds digital inclusion across any organisation and provides a solid foundation to turn strategies into practical action. 

  • ​​​​​Inspire unpacks digital inclusion and the crucial importance of digital skills in the modern world.
  • It galvanises people to do something practical and positive about it.
  • Everyone understands why it matters, whether they're frontline staff or senior managers.
  • The organisation becomes truly digitally inclusive and can respond in impactful, meaningful and even profitable ways. 
Inspire, the volunteer training course

How does it work

The training is delivered in a short session that takes around an hour. It explains what digital inclusion is, why it matters and what people can do to help.

  • At the end of the course, learners make a pledge to help someone they know with a specific digital skill. 
  • The training can be done independently and remotely or in a workshop, online or in person.
  • We provide full resources and support to get the project up and running, from strategic advice to comms templates. 
  • For Project Managers, it provides easy-to-access data for monitoring and evaluating on key points like changes in attitudes to actions taken. 
  • The content can adapted for specific audiences (like a customer support team who deal with recurring common customer issues).


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81% go on to make a pledge
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100% would recommend the course
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93% say they are more likely to volunteer

How is Inspire used?

Almost every organisation uses it in a slightly different way, adapted to their organisation's goals and values. We offer a full range of consultancy services to help you get the most from it, from implementation road maps to bespoke evaluation frameworks. 

Some organisations use it to help colleagues and customers as their service becomes increasingly digital first; others use it to meet CSR goals or as the foundation of meaningful volunteering programmes.  

Our clients range from global tech consultants and financial institutions to local councils and universities. A couple of examples of how the course can be used...

group of volunteers

Inclusion for digital experts

As a transformational tech-based organisation, Capgemini recognise their responsibility to tackle the digital divide. They had always offered digital volunteering opportunities but they realised their digitally-savvy staff often didn't understand the scale and depth of the issue. We co-created Inspire with them and it has been instrumental in:

  • Raising awareness of digital inclusion, helping staff understand digital literacy as something everyone can contribute to via networks they already have.
  • Providing a foundation for a wider volunteering programme helping everyone from beginners to coders.
  • Scaling up volunteering commitments in a way that fits into busy diaries.
  • Engaging staff and improving soft skills, like active listening.

They now have more than 1500 Inspire graduates, it's part of their onboarding process for new colleagues, and are widening their inclusion projects to include ESG/ social impact bids, like the ones we run for Let's Get Digital.

students on stairs

In University Placements

The School of Allied Health Professions at Keele University used Inspire with physiotherapy students, who need to complete placements and have experience of EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) as one of their pillars of good practice.  

Digital inclusion programmes unpack the issues in a way that's practical, important and relevant for these students. As healthcare becomes increasingly digitised, they need to help patients, many of whom are often elderly, manage their health online.

But students are usually "digital natives" who grew up in a digital world. The realities of digital exclusion can be hard for them to fully appreciate: 68% started the course saying they knew "nothing or very little" about it.

Students did the Inspire training in an in-person workshop, working through the course together. 80% went on to pledge action there and then. 

Some then committed to more in-depth training on the Digital Champions Network and went on to volunteer in their communities.

We’re using Inspire to amplify our business-wide commitment to Digital Inclusion and help our people to do something practical about it.... It’s motivating everyone to get involved and generating great engagement with our Digital Inclusion mission. It’s all measurable so it’s easy for me to demonstrate impact to the rest of the business. We’ve also learned how versatile Inspire is and are now looking to share it with our clients and supply chain too.

Sally Caughey
Head of Digital Inclusion, Capgemini

Inspire is a starting point...

The organisations we work with use Inspire as the basis for a huge range of activities, tailored to their business and aligned to their aims. For example, to...

  • Embed digital inclusion across an organisation and turn inclusion strategies into action.
  • Meet CSR/ ESG targets.
  • Create coherent, meaningful volunteering programmes 
  • Fulfil the skills side of digital transformation, both for staff and customers.
  • Underpin social impact bids. 
  • Make digital inclusion part of everyday business

It's the starting point of a journey that gets everyone on board with digital inclusion.

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