How to make money on eBay


We have shown you how to join and sell unwanted goods on eBay but how can you make sure you get the best possible prices and make the most money? We asked the Digital Unite Community and researched to find the five top tips for making the most from your unwanted stuff.
Five winning tips for making money on eBay:
  1. Timing is everything

    Our Facebook friend Eddy Gunn says: "My daughter always aims for around 8pm when most people will be at home. Also pick Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as most people will stay in." 

    Di Skillen, also on Facebook, agrees but has found auctions that end on Sunday evening have the best results for her. 


  2. Don't undervalue postage

    It's easy to take a guess at how much it will cost to post out goods, only to find you've got it wrong. Di says: "Make sure postage is correct, don't get caught out and have to pay out of your own pocket."


  3. Take advantage of offers

    Look out for free listings weekends, where you don't pay anything to eBay to put items up for sale, suggests Jen Wilcockson, particularly for higher value items. 

    "Watch out though," she cautions, "it doesn't apply to all categories".


  4. Prioritise pictures

    “A good photograph of the item(s) for sale is essential,” says Digital Unite Communty member clareyou

    “Poorly photographed items don't tend to sell as they can look cheap/poor quality.” 

    Make sure you choose a spot with good natural light when you take your picture, and try to capture the item from helpful angles that really showcase it.  


  5. Be a safe eBayer

    Make sure that you actually get all the money that you deserve. Using PayPal means that both seller and buyer can flag up concerns and PayPal can get help with disputes. Never send goods without receiving cleared payment – you could sell an item for a fantastic price but it’s no good if you never receive the money! 

If you have any other tips, please add them to the eBay tips discussion on our Community