How to add to Favorites

If you use the internet to venture into the World Wide Web on a regular basis, you’ll soon encounter websites that you may want to return to. Obviously you could write down each one’s address (also known as a ‘url’, for ‘uniform resource locator’) or you could do a search for them each time you want to access them. But why do that when you can use Favorites?

With Favorites, as they are called in Internet Explorer (they’re ‘bookmarks’ in the Firefox and Safari browsers), you can store web addresses and so easily revisit pages that you like. Favorites can appear either in a list or on the ‘Favorites Bar’ (‘bookmarks toolbar’) right at the top of the browser home page. Where you put them really depends on how often you want to visit a particular site.
Follow these step-by-step instructions to add to Favorites in Internet Explorer 8
Step 1: Open the web page that you want to keep – for instance, Digital Unite’s Guides.
Step 2: Click the gold star once to see all your Favorites. To add a new web page to this list, click Add to Favorites.
Favorites button
Step 3: In the ‘Add a Favorite’ window that now appears, you’ll see – in the ‘Name’ box – the title of the web page that you’re on, a link to which you want to keep. As you want to be able to revisit this page easily, click Add.
Add a Favorite windown
The next time you want to visit the page, all you need to do is click Favorites as you did above and then the name of the site, which will now appear in this list – for instance, ‘Learning Zone’.
Step 4: If there’s a website that you want to visit regularly, perhaps every day, you should add it to your ‘Favorites Bar’. First, make the ‘Favorites Bar’ visible by clicking on View and ensuring that there’s a tick next to ‘Favorites Bar’.
View drop down list
Step 5: Open the web page that you want to add to your ‘Favorites Bar’ and click on the gold star with a green arrow.
Favorites bar icon
This will add it to your browser window so that you can click the link after you’ve opened your home page. This is particularly useful for things like weather, directions, train timetables or hobby sites.
Favorites can also be accessed via your ‘Start’ menu (the button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen) so that you can go to them immediately.
To add a favorite for Windows 10 computers follow these instructions: 
Step 1: Adding a favorite
To add a favorite click on the star icon next to the bookmark icon. 
Click on the star icon to add a favorite
Add a name for your favorite page and then click on Add. You can also keep your favorites organised by clicking on Create new folder and giving your folder a name. 
Step 2: Open your list of favorites
To open your list of favorites click on the other star icon. You can then scroll and find the saved page you are looking for. 
open your favorites
Debbie Brixey is a Digital Unite tutor in south London.