Do you want to do something different for Sunday dinner? Or perhaps you just want to know the very best way to cook your roasties... Whatever your culinary questions, these websites will help you. 


Some allow you to search by ingredient, dinner course or name of dish. Some even give you basic cooking lessons. All take you step by step through the recipes and throw in great tips to help your dish turn out just right.


Try these recipe websites – they’re some of the best!

  • BBC Food - Includes info on techniques and ingredients, recommendations on ways of cooking seasonal produce or for special occasions, plus recipes by chefs you might admire or from favourite series. There’s also a section on cooking techniques such as glazing with egg wash, making choux pastry, scaling a fish or deboning and butterflying a leg of lamb – all with skill levels and videos.

    Each recipe includes preparation and cooking times and how many people it will serve. And there’s a quick recipe finder that searches by ingredient, chef or programme and allows you to quickly find ‘all vegetarian dishes’ or ‘all quick-and-easy dishes’.

  • Delia Online - Delia Smith’s website includes: seasonal menus; meals under 30 minutes; recipes for special diets; an information centre for such things as scaling recipes up or down or converting from US to UK measurements; cook-for-one recipes; and recipes you can freeze. There’s a ‘how to cook’ section ( a free cookery school!), a look at equipment, competitions you can enter, a shop to visit and even a forum you can chat on.
  • SAVEUR produces some fantastic recipes. 

Also try these foodie sites:

Why don't you make cooking easier with tech that you can use in the kitchen? 

You can use Alexa to:

  • Create a grocery list "Alexa create a shopping list.. I need noodles, spring onion, garlic, peanut sauce.. this pad thai is going to be yummy!" 
  • Convert Units "Alexa what is 2 cups to millilitres?" 
  • Keep timers "Alexa set a timer for 2 minutes... (I don't want to ruin the eggs!)"
  • Alexa make me a coffee (You'll need a The Mr.Coffee Smart Optimal Brew and a Smart Switch)
  • Control small appliances 
  • Get calorie counts "Alexa how many calories are there in Minced beef? hmm.. think I will make this chilli a vegetarian one." 
  • Use WinBuddy to ask Alexa which wine pairs best with what type of food (promise I'm not a alcoholic) 
  • Play music "Alexa play some Bruno Mars.. I need to get in the mood for cooking up a storm!"
  • Search for any of the recipes you find in the websites in this guide! 

Digital Trends has produced this list of top things you can do with Alexa in the kitchen.

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Last updated June 2023