Get that festive atmosphere going with a Christmassy playlist of your favourite songs. Whether your tastes are decidedly cheesy or more classical and classy, it’s just as easy to use your computer to organise and play all your favourite tracks. 

iTunes is a free program available or Macs or PCs . This guide will show you how to use iTunes for Windows. You can also download music from websites like Soundcloud, Jamendo and Amazon. 


You will need:-

  • A computer with  iTunes installed.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded iTunes, you can use Cortana to search and locate the program on your computer. 


Step 2: Go to the iTunes 'Store' to start buying and downloading music

i tunes


Step 3:  Search for an artist or album using the search facility. Once you have done that, click on an album or song, and you can purchase it straight from iTunes. 



Step 4: Once you have downloaded a few songs you can create a playlist by going to File, New, Playlist.

i tunes

Step 5: Simply drag items from the side bar into your new playlist. You can also open a playlist in a new window and drag items into a specific order. 

i tunes

Some internet safety information to consider

When downloading anything onto your computer be cautious of what you are downloading and the source you are downloading from. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Understand the risks involved with downloading music online and the consequences of having a firewall breached, for example.
  • Ensure you have an effective anti-virus software that is up-to-date.
  • Use trusted download websites.
  • Download music from trusted retailer's sites.
  • Consider paying for a premium download version to reduce the risk of adware being installed.

Last updated November 2022