An eCard is a greetings card that you send via the internet to a person’s email address.  Not only does it save money on stamps, but it’s also a very ecologically sound choice! 

 What you will need: 

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • An email account
  • The email addresses of your chosen recipients.

What is an eCard?

When you send an eCard, the recipient gets a link via email. They can click on the link and see your card and message . There are a range of websites that offer this service, some are free. Others you will need to pay for, but they are more likely to let you personalise the eCard with sounds and pictures.

To find an eCard website you can use a Search online for "e-cards Christmas" or "online cards Christmas" and see what's on offer. 


Top tips:

  • Some of the free sites can be a bit confusing because they carry a lot of advertising.
  • Some charities use free cards as a way of spreading their message. World Wildlife Fund e-cards  which are completely free to send to up to five people at a time, and it's a nice easy site to use.
  • Others you have to pay for include  Jacquie LawsonBlue Mountain  and Jibjab.

WWF ecard


Last updated October 2023