Digital technology can help put the sparkle into Christmas, particularly when you're not able to come together with friends and family in person. Christmas Zoom call

From playing games online to joining virtual festive events, here are some nifty ideas for using the internet to get you in the Christmas spirit.


1. Play Scattegories over Zoom or Skype

Scattergories is a fun, fast thinking game for two players or more. It's perfect to play with others on a video or even a phone call. The rules of the game are simple, are simple. each player has a set amount of time to name  something in a list of categories all beginning witht he same letter. To make it even easier the host can use an online Scattegories List Generator to choose a list for each player.

Our guide Hosting a Zoom Meeting provides step-by-step instructions, if you've never hosted a Zoom call before.


2. Cook together

Use Facetime, Skype or another video app to cook together with a friend or relative from the comfort of your own kitchens. Have a look at our guide to recipe websites to help you choose your feast!


3. Go to an virtual Carol Concert

Carol concerts are among the many highlights of the festive season and lots of churches, charities and organisations now offer their carol services in person and online. This list from Country Living lists some of the UK's most popular concerts.


4. Watch a Christmas classic film online

Christmas is the perfect time to catch-up on films. The Find Any Film website allows you to search the cheapest way to stream your favourite films.


5. Help others to feel connected

Christmas, for some, can be a lonely time of the year. If you know someone who is going to be on their own then online events could help them feel less isolated. You could help them for look for online events on sites such as Eventbrite or Ticket Source. You could even offer to 'go along' with them!


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Guide last updated: November 2021