How to get going with your computer.

What is a cursor?

Find out about the ‘arrow’ or ‘mouse pointer’.

What is Windows?

You’ll hear this word used constantly in association with computers.

What is a dialogue box?

Want to understand more about the boxes that pop up with messages from your computer?

What is Dropbox?

Find out more about this free web-based storage system.

How to turn on a computer

Easy-to-follow instructions on activating your computer and what to do if it doesn’t react.

How to turn off a computer

Leaving your computer cleanly, without losing any data.

How to use a mouse

Moving and clicking to write in a particular place or open applications and menus.

How to use a computer keyboard

All the important keys, plus tips on how to use them efficiently.

A guide to your computer desktop

An explanation of what you can see on your computer screen, and what each element does.

How to rearrange your computer desktop

Moving the different elements of your desktop around.

How to put a CD or DVD into your computer

If you want to listen to a CD or watch a DVD on your computer, here’s how to start.

How to back up your computer

Saving your files to ensure that they’ll survive even if your computer doesn’t.

How to take a screenshot

A screenshot is a bit like taking a photograph of whatever is currently on your screen. Here’s how it’s done.

How to print a web page

What to do when there isn’t a ‘printer friendly’ option.

What is a network?

Understand how computers are linked together - when, why and how.

What is a PDF?

An explanation of this document type.

How to use Dropbox

Find out how to use Dropbox to store and share files.

How to install updates on your computer

Programs installed on your computer will need occasional updates to keep them current and fix any issues. Our simple guide shows you how to install…

Five top tips for Mac users

If you’re used to using PCs and have recently changed to an Apple Mac computer, there are some subtle differences to get used to. Soon, you will…

How to complete online forms

A handy guide for completing online forms to enter competitions or place online shopping orders.

A guide to online file storage

There are a lot of online file storage services but here are a few of the top free online options.

Why is my computer so slow?

If your computer is increasingly slow, this guide has suggestions for ways you can free up space and help your computer run faster.

My computer keeps freezing – help!

Computers can freeze or ‘hang’ for a variety of reasons, find out what to do next.

How to compress a file

If you want to send a large file, it's sensible to 'compress it' so that it doesn't take so long to send and for your recipient to download. Find out…

How to recover deleted files

Whoops! If you accidentally delete a file, don't worry, you should still be able to recover it.

How to use a memory stick

Memory sticks are incredibly handy for transporting and sharing files. Find out how to use these simple storage devices.

Guide to: Knowing your device

Accessing the internet can be carried out through most devices as long as they have connectivity to a Wide Area Network (WAN).  This can be done th