Soccer goal

The month-long extravaganza of football that was the FIFA World Cup may be over, but there are plenty of big events coming up. While the set up will differ from event to event, with some only shown on ITV, BBC or satellite broadcasters, the basic options will be similar each time. 

You’ll need:

  • A computer with a broadband internet connection.

Follow these tips for watching sporting events online

Step 1: The speed of your broadband connection will make a big difference to how easily you’ll be able to watch live matches. If your broadband speed is less than 3Mbps, the video player may stop and start regularly, which might mean you miss a crucial goal! You can test the speed of your broadband connection and speak to your internet provider about improving the speed if it is less than 3Mbps. You may find our guide to testing your internet speed useful (guide will open in a new window). We also have a handy guide on how to speed up your internet connection

Step 2: All event that are shown live on BBC TV will be shown live and often replayed on the BBC's website. All major sports programmes will also be available to watch again for seven days after transmission on the BBC iPlayer

Step 3: All the sporting events shown live on ITV should be shown live on the ITV Player, and will also be available after the matches/games have finished. 

Step 4: International broadcasters show events such as World Cup matches but usually require an upfront payment. ESPN 3 is the online streaming version of the sports network ESPN. It offers live coverage of many events, but does require registration and to pay a subscription for a day, month or year.

Jo Munday is an experienced writer of online tutorials.