An introduction to the internet, plus all the information you need to get connected.

What is the internet?

Back to basics: a simple definition, plus key features and benefits.

How to connect to the internet

Your first step towards getting online and using the fabulous World Wide Web.

How to connect to wifi

The way to access the internet any time and from almost anywhere.

How to check your internet speed

Is your internet connection as fast as you’ve been promised?

How to speed up your internet connection

Is your broadband sluggish? There may be a simple solution.

What is 3G?

Find out what is meant by the 3G symbol you may see on your mobile, smartphone or tablet.

What is bandwidth?

Quick and simple definition.

What is wifi?

Explanation of the wireless internet connection.

What is broadband?

An explanation of this high-speed way of connecting to the internet.

What is dial-up?

An explanation of this old-fashioned way of getting connected to the internet.

What is an IP address?

Clear definition of this thing you never knew you had.

What is an ISP?

Explanation of this much-bandied-about term.

What is a modem?

A quick and easy definition.

What is the web?

Important clarification in this easy-to-follow guide.

What is a router?

The gateway to getting connected to the internet: here's a definition of what a router actually is.

Troubleshooting an internet connection problem

The essential guide to getting back up and running...

What is 4G?

Simple explanation of this superfast mobile broadband service - the difference between 3G and 4G, plus 4G's key benefits and features.

Sut mae cysylltu â wifi

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Sut mae cyflymu'ch cysylltiad â’r rhyngrwyd

Ydy’ch band eang braidd yn araf? Os ydy’r cysylltiad yn araf, efallai fod ateb syml i'r broblem.

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Mae pob cyfrifiadur a gliniadur modern yn gallu cysylltu â’r rhyngrwyd.