Some quick answers to common questions. If you don’t find the information you need, get in touch! Or you can book in to look round the Network

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What kind of organisations join? 

Any organisation that wants to improve the basic digital skills and confidence of its staff, community, residents, citizens, beneficiaries or clients. Typically our members are housing providers, local authorities, charities and care organisations, though we also work with corporate clients who want to upskill colleagues or work their community. 

How much does it cost?

Our prices depend on the size and complexity of your project; how much customisation you'd like; and the kind of organisation you are. Prices start from £1,200 a year for straightforward project with 10 Champions. You can buy extra licenses if you need them and review them when you come to renew at the end of each year. There's a 10% discount for annual renewals. Here are our full range of costs.

How can I find out if it is what we need?

We run tours of the DCN, usually every four to six weeks. Get in touch and if there isn't an upcoming tour soon, we can arrange one. If you want to see what the courses are like, try this taster course for free. You can check out the full course list or find out more about some of our previous clients' case studies. There's lots more info below.

We're really happy to talk to you about what you need and if the DCN isn't right for you, we will say. We want it to work for you. This free planning tool is really helpful in working out whether you're ready and in the right place to join up. It takes about 10 minutes and gives you a tailored report, specific to your organisation, about how a Champion's programme could work for you. 

How do you get set up on the Network?

Talk to us! We'll discuss exactly what you need from the platform & programme, talk you through your options and set you up with the right kind of membership. 

It then takes about 2 weeks from when we receive payment and all the relevant information to get you ready to go. Set up includes a dedicated area for your champions on the Network, Project Manager access and Digital Champion licences. If you want to delay this set up, we can do that too (some organisations join in one financial year, but need planning time and don't get their activity going until the next).

What if we're interested in Digital Inclusion but don't want to join the Network?

We know the world of digital inclusion, and if we can't help you, we probably know someone who can.  We work on a consultancy basis with large organisations, helping them get to grips with digital inclusion. We also run Inspire, a network used mostly by corporate clients to teach their employees about digital inclusion; and we run Aspire, for people with a learning disability. We have a huge range of free technology guides, which you can use on our website or sign up to have for free on yours.


The Network’s training and resources

How does the training work?

Our courses are based on the train-the-trainer model of learning. They give your staff/ volunteers the digital skills and confidence they need to help others. The Network focuses on improving their knowledge and capability within this framework. Then they can use their skills to up skill other people, whether that's clients, customers or even colleagues.

All the resources on the Network are firmly aimed Champions, not their end learners. However, we have a vast range of guides on our website which can be used to support end learners, and our training and resources highlight other resources to which Champions can refer them, as well providing help planning lessons and structuring learning.

How long are the courses and what do they cover?

You can browse our full course list. We offer a standard set of our courses but our platform is very flexible and can be tailored to your organisation and specific learning pathways. With some membership packages, you can choose which courses are offered to your Digital Champions at the outset and then you can decide which courses they are offered after that. You can make some courses obligatory - and Champions must complete these courses before they move on to others. 

We recommend everyone start with the Digital Champion Essentials suite of six courses. Once they've mastered the Essentials, they can move onto other courses, chosen by them or you. Some courses are for people in specific roles, like Using your role to help customers online, which shows how to include digital skills support in everyday customer interactions; others might help learners with a specific task, like managing their health online, or be targeted at helping users with specific barriers, like poor English or dexterity issues.

You can try out the Helping Others Stay Safe Online course for free to see what it's like.

Are the Network's courses certified?

We know the value of professional verification amongst staff and volunteers which is why all of our courses are linked to a certificate and an Open Badge, the new national approach to evidencing training and development.  All of our courses are also formally CPD certified. This means they have been accredited by The CPD Certification Service following independent evaluation and they comply with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Are the resources downloadable? 

The courses themselves are interactive and have to be completed on the Network (which can be viewed on any kind of device). All our other resources and guides can be downloaded. At the end of each course a Digital Champion will receive a list of all of the links and resources included in that course. 

How long will it take for someone to be 'trained' as a Digital Champion?

We recommend the Digital Champion Essentials  as the first courses to be completed for the minimum foundation training. They take slightly longer than an hour and cover all of the essentials for helping others, including how to create the right learning environment for beginners, what hardware, software and websites to use, how to create and maintain learner interest and how to keep themselves and their learners safe.

Other courses take from 5 to 40 minutes depending on the course and the Champion. The platform’s flexibility means that a Digital Champion can learn at their own pace, can start and stop a course at any time and revisit it as many times as they like.

What other support is available for my Champions whilst they are training?

There is a wide range of support available for your Digital Champions. This includes an active online forum with peer-to-peer support and a comprehensive range of resources and guides. We have a weekly online drop-in session to deal with any questions about the platform & their learning. Your Digital Champions can also join us on one of our monthly Digital Champion online meet-ups, which cover a wide range of topics from using the cloud to learning to help people manage their finances online.


Project management support

What kind of project support is offered to members?

From the outset, you will have access to our comprehensive and practical toolkit and course for project managers. This gives ideas for planning your project, building an engagement strategy, where to start with recruiting Digital Champions and top tips from other members. Here are some sample project planning resources. We have regular online drop-in sessions for Project Managers, and webinars for sharing expertise. We want your project to fly, so if your Project Managers are struggling with any aspect of the Network, we're here to help.

How do we manage and evaluate the project?

Every project has a tailored project management dashboard. We'll help you get to grips with it but it's very straightforward to use. From the dashboard, Project Managers can see who has registered to be a Digital Champion and what courses they have completed or started. They can also see information about how the Champions are helping learners: how many sessions they've done and how many unique learners they've helped. This can be viewed at any time and it's a useful working tool for Managers to see how the programme's going and which areas/ Champions might need encouragement or extra attention. 

All this information can also be downloaded into Excel at any time for analysis and information.  This is easy, effective way to measure how the programme is doing overall and the impact it is having.


How can a Digital Champion approach help your organisation?

Take our online assessment to find out. 

It takes 10 minutes. There are no strings attached. At the end, you get a tailored report with recommendations and a free, practical guide to running a Digital Champions project.    


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