In this guide you will find a list of websites which provide the best mental wellbeing podcasts and audio guides: to help people who are feeling low, anxious or depressed. 


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1. NHS Mental wellbeing podcasts 

The NHS provides some of these best audio guides.

Some of the audio guides cover:

  • Low mood and depression
  • Anxiety control training
  • Overcoming sleep problems
  • Low confidence and assertiveness
  • Unhelpful thinking

2. Mind provide a list of podcasts related to mental health and wellbeing from people who have had to live with mental health problems. 

Some episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Christina on depression
  • Episode 2: Reka's experience of psychosis
  • Episode 3: Siobhan on living with bipolar disorder
  • Episode 4: Rachel and how she was treated by crisis services
  • Episode 5: Faisal on his recovery from OCD
  • Episode 6: Clarissa on living in a therapeutic community
  • Episode 7: Bryony on coping with bipolar as a full time carer
  • Episode 8: Sarah on her life living with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Episode 9: Tim on managing his mood through food

3. Mental Health hosts a plethora of podcast interviews. Their regular podcast feature interviews with a number of interesting people involved in mental health, including people who have experienced mental health problems, campaigners and mental health experts.

4. Mood Café

Mood Café promotes mental health through their podcasts. 

Created by the Mental Health Foundation, some podcasts include:

  • How to overcome fear and anxiety
  • Stress and the mind: quick fix relaxation exercise
  • Stress and the mind: full works
  • Wellbeing and relaxation
  • Stress and relaxation: quick fix breathing exercises
  • Stress and relaxation: full works
  • Wellbeing and sleep: full works
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Mindfulness: 10 minute practice exercise
  • Wellbeing and nutrition

5. BBC Radio 4 - All in the Mind

There are lots of podcasts available through the BBC Radio 4 website and we recommend listening to the  'How you can feel less lonely' series. 

This guide was last updated on 14/4/21