How to stay fit and healthy with a little help from the internet

Best ... healthy living and fitness apps

Use your smartphone or tablet to help you kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Best ... medical websites

The web is awash with health information. This guide helps you know which websites to trust when you need information and reassurance.

Best ... medical apps

Your smartphone and tablet could be the go-to device for health information and handy checks.

Using the NHS app and NHS websites to manage your health online

A handy practical guide to find out about safely registering for and using NHS online services including: The NHS app; GP Online services and e-…

How to create your NHS login

NHS login lets you access a variety of NHS digital health and care websites and the NHS app.

Tips for keeping your NHS online patient data safe

Our short guide of tips to keeping your NHS online data safe

Introduction to the NHS app

The NHS App is free to use for people aged 13 and over. It gives you the ability to get access to advice, support and information to help you manage…

Registering for NHS Online services

A concise guide on how to register for NHS Online services.

Best....apps for managing your medication

If you need help remembering to take your medication, ordering repeat prescriptions, or to understand what is in the medication you are taking ther

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In this guide you will find a list of websites which provide the best mental wellbeing podcasts and audio guides: to help people who are feeling lo

Corona virus financial help and advice

This guide from Money Saving Expert lays out the financial help you may be able to access during the 2020 corona virus outbreak.

How to buy medicines online safely

This guide from Get Safe Online will help you to confidently buy medicines through online sites.

Top ten apps for mental health and wellbeing

These days so many of us use apps in our everyday lives, from shopping to entertainment and travel.

Best... home workout websites

Home workouts are a cheap and timesaving way to keep fit in the comfort of your own home.

Keeping up to date with health news (England, Wales, Scotland)

It is sometimes hard to know where to go online to find the most accurate, up to date information on health issues.

Best... corona virus wellbeing websites

The corona virus outbreak has left a lot of us worried, anxious and housebound.