New Year’s resolutions can cover anything, from beinNew Years resolutionsg healthier, to saving money, learning a new language or spending less time on social media. In general, resolutions that are achievable within your daily life - and that bring you some enjoyment - are more likely to be successful.

But research shows that although around a fifth of the UK population make New Year’s resolutions, less than half manage to see them through (

If you are looking for ways to make it easier to keep to your New Year's resolutions then technology offers various ways to help keep you on track. We will look at a few ways in this guide: 


1. Set and track your goals

Once you’ve decided on your goals there are apps for your phone such as Habitica (, that you can use to set and monitor your goals.


2. Give you daily reminders

Set up reminders on smartphones or devices- such as Echo dots, to remind you of things you need to do at set times of the day This is a simple way to try and keep yourself on track.

This article on CNET has some great ideas for the Amazon Alexa

And these guides show you how to set up reminders using Google calendar  or iPhone


3. Measure your progress

Wearable devices and their associated apps are a great and easy way to track your progress. Unsure what device would be best for you? Look at these guides from Which?


4.  Give you motivational messages and boost your mood

If you are struggling to keep to your resolutions or need a mental health boost, then ask Siri or Google assistant to "Give me a motivational message”, or you can follow inspirational people or organisations on social media, some suggested organisations include: ,

If you need more help with your mental health then get a Free Mind plan from the NHS



Remember, that New Year’ resolutions can start or restart at any time of the year! So go easy on yourself if you do temporarily slip! Here are some helpful tips for keeping your resolutions....


Last updated 23rd November 2023