Podcasts come in mainly two forms – audio and video. The BBC is one of the the largest providers of podcasts in the UK, with much of their radio and TV output being available to stream and download.

Various types of podcast

  • Professional podcasts such as those produced by the BBC or newspapers are easily available and often free.
  • A lot of insight on topical news stories is available from podcasts, which often give a different slant from the output of the main broadcasters.
  • Comedy and quirky content is constantly being produced. There’s a huge demand for novelty items. A well-used website for finding new sources of podcast entertainment is StumbleUpon.
  • Another very useful type of podcasts is how-to tutorials.
  • Travel podcasts can provide helpful tips from impartial reviewers.
  • Podcasts from experts in the fields of science, business or psychology provide access to the ideas of great modern thinkers.
  • Recommended podcasts

If you’ve downloaded iTunes, you’ll find a very good list of the most popular podcasts there. To access this, open the iTunes program on your computer, click Store in the left-hand column, and then click Podcasts from the list at the top.

Here is a hand-picked selection to get your podcast journey started:

  • BBC Podcasts - the BBC’s official list of the hundreds of podcasts they’ve produced.
  • podcast.com - a useful selection of different news podcasts.
  • The best travel podcasts - article in the Travel section of the Telegraph, listing podcasts that provide excellent travel advice and tips.
  • Dr Karl - an Australian doctor whose vibrant podcasts are absolutely stuffed with scientific knowledge and insight.

Comedy is very personal, but the following are great fun:

Chris Quartermaine is a Digital Unite tutor for Chester, South Wirral and north-east Wales.