Windows 10 contains many all-new features not available in Windows 8

Windows 10 logo on a laptop

Here’s a quick reference overview to help you to understand the key differences between Windows 10, and its predecessor Windows 8…


Windows 8

Windows 10

Start menu: quick access to common apps and settings  
OneDrive built in: access all your files via the cloud
Cortana: a personalised digital assistant  
Continuum: easily connect and work between your PC and Windows mobile devices  
Microsoft Edge: a new, more powerful web browser  
Windows store: free and paid apps, games and entertainment content available to download
Multitasking: see all open apps in one view, split your screen, and create multiple desktops  

So, you may be wondering: if Windows 8 was the previous version of Microsoft's operating system for PCs... where is Windows 9?

Good question! When Windows announced the release of Windows 10, many people wondered why they skipped straight from Windows 8 to 10 (with no appearance of a Windows 9). Basically, there's no clear or straightforward answer. Over the years, Microsoft and many similar technology companies, haven't always been consistent with their naming and labelling systems for product lines. 

In other words: if you were wondering where Windows 9 is... it doesn't exist!

Now that you're familiar with some of the key features of Windows 10, why not have a go at learning how to use the system by giving some of these new features a go for yourself.