Through GOV.UK you will be able to claim benefits like Universal Credit which you can apply for online.

Updating details and claiming online can save you the time, cost and inconvenience of travelling to a local Government or Local Authority office. It can also help with security as much of your important personal information does not need to leave home.

You’ll need: 

  • a computer with a broadband internet connection 
  • the latest copy of Adobe Reader
  • a phone number on which you can be contacted by the Benefits Office or Local Authority
  • additional information relevant to the type of claim you are making, for example your National Insurance number; birth or adoption certificates of your children, etc.

Child Benefit 

You can obtain all the available online forms from the HM Revenue and Customs website, or in the case of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, from your local authority website. Some useful links are included below.

You can select from the following Child Benefit online services:

  • Complete a Child Benefit claim form (link opens in a new window) on screen. (This must then be printed out and sent to the Child Benefit Office together with necessary birth and/or adoption certificates - long or short versions are acceptable.) Alternatively, you can print a version off and then fill it in by hand ready to send in.
  • Send in details of a change in your circumstances (link opens in a new window) for Child Benefit or Guardian’s Allowance securely over the internet.
  • Find out when your next Child Benefit payment is due (link opens in a new window). 

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit that the Government is currently rolling out for people on low income or out of work. Universal Credit is a single monthly payment which will slowly replace some of the existing benefits and tax credits. Universal Credit is being introduced in stages across Great Britain by postcode area. Whether you can claim it and the way you manage your claim depends on where you live and your personal circumstances.

Read our guide How to claim Universal Credit by clicking here. 


You can also claim your State Pension online. You can use .GOV Verify to login or register if you have never used this service before. 

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit

Some Local Authorities also offer you the opportunity to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit (including Second Adult Rebate) online. You can use this link to find contact details and the website of your Local Authority to find out about the services they offer.  

Important note

Each of the services we have covered are secure online services. Whenever you visit them, remember to stay safe online. Always remember to:

  • use a secure password
  • delete your internet history if you are on a public computer - for help with this, see our guide How to delete your internet history
  • close down the browser window when you've finished
  • make sure to collect anything you have printed
  • be careful no-one is watching over your shoulder and do not leave the computer unattended whilst you are logged in.
  • always check the URL and make sure it is secure before entering any personal information online (https://)

This guide was last updated 31/07/2018