In this guide you will find a list of our recommended How you feeling? Smartphone appmental wellbeing podcasts and audio guides, which provide insights, stories, and strategies for help with feeling low, anxious or depressed. There are new mental health and wellbeing podcasts being developed all the time, so it is also worth checking out the latest top podcast charts for the latest popular choices.


NHS Mental wellbeing guides

The NHS website provides some of the best audio guides.

The audio guides cover topics such as:

  • Low mood and depression
  • Relaxation to cope with anxiety
  • Overcoming sleep problems
  • Low confidence and assertiveness
  • Unhelpful thinking


The mental health charity Mind has a podcast series presented by Heart FM DJ Matt Wilkinson, with people sharing their experiences of living with mental health problems. 

The episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Christina on depression
  • Episode 2: Reka's experience of psychosis
  • Episode 3: Siobhan on living with bipolar disorder
  • Episode 4: Rachel and how she was treated by crisis services
  • Episode 5: Faisal on his recovery from OCD
  • Episode 6: Clarissa on living in a therapeutic community
  • Episode 7: Bryony on coping with bipolar as a full time carer
  • Episode 8: Sarah on her life living with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Episode 9: Tim on managing his mood through food

Mental Health

The Mental Health Foundation has a ‘Let’s Talk: Mental Health’ podcast featuring interviews with a number of interesting people involved in mental health, including people who have experienced mental health problems, campaigners and mental health experts.


Very Well Mind

The Very Well Mind Podcast shares guidance and tips for improving psychological well-being and cultivating mental strength. It features interviews with inspirational speakers and mental health experts who share their stories, struggles, and strategies for staying mentally strong, as well as weekly shorter ‘Friday Fix’ episodes, which focus on dealing with specific issues or concerns by practicing quick, actionable mental health exercises.


Feel Better, Live More by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
While not exclusive to mental health, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's ‘Feel Better, Live More’ is a very popular podcast covering a wide range of topics related to overall well-being, including mental health. He interviews experts and shares practical tips for living a healthier and happier life.


Last updated 9th November 2023