The iPad mini is a smaller version of the ever-popular Apple iPad tablet computer, and was first released in 2012.

Key features and benefits of an iPad mini

  • The iPad mini uses the same operating system - iOS - as the Apple iPhone and the larger iPad, and uses very similar hardware.
  • The iPad mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than its big brother, with a 7.9 inch screen.
  • The mini is available is black or white and as a wifi-only or 4G version. With 4G, users can access web services when out and about. 
  • As with other tablets, the iPad mini is great for web surfing and using social networks or online shopping. 
  • The iPad mini can access the Apple 'App Store', where users can choose from over a million applications, with over 700,000 made specifically for the iPad. Both free and paid-for apps are available. 
  • Prices start at £269.