Tablet computers can be an easier, and in many cases cheaper way of accessing the internet. There are so many apps to download that you can use your device for a wide range of tasks, from internet banking to image editing.  

Tablets can screen sizes ranging from seven inches to around 13 inches. 

It is recommended that you try out the different screen sizes before you buy.

Seven to eight-inch screened tablets

  • Tablets at this size are light and compact, and easy to fit in something like a handbag
  • They can have smaller internal processors than tablets which have a screen of nine inches or bigger
  • This means they access web pages and perform slower than larger tablets
  • It does mean though that they are cheaper in price ranging from a £100- £600.

Top seven to eight-inch screened tablets

Best 7 to 8 inch tablets

Eight to 10-inch screen tablets

  • Better for viewing video clips, films and games
  • Heavier in the hands, and awkward to take with or use on the go
  • Easy to connect up and use a stand-alone keyboard
  • Price range £300 to £900.

Top eight to thirteen-inch screen tablets

Best eight to thirteen inch tablet table

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